This is a reseal o ring kit for the Kral Puncher, Puncher Breaker, Puncher Pro, Puncher Armour, Puncher Maxi, Puncher S, Puncher Mega, Puncher Evo, NP-05 and Monach air rifles. 893fps avg with JSB 25.4gr kings and only 22fps extreme spread over 40 shots. This is the Puncher NP02, manufactured and exported from the Turkish gun manufacturer Kral Arms. £ 31.95. 3 in stock. Kral. Available … Ensure you know exactly who you are paying before sending money. Kral’s inaugural PCP model, the Kral Puncher, is, in my opinion, a real snip at just £499. Available in .177, .22 and .25 – in sub-12ft/lb and FAC-rated configurations – it’s yet another PCP to lower the entry-level price point for airgunners wishing to graduate into the world of recoilless pneumatics. Tuned, unregulated, Kral Puncher Breaker with the new Deadblow valve kit and modified transfer port and hammer spring. (Also the Puncher NP-01 and NP-03 pistol). Kral Hammer Screw – RC61 £ 6.71. Kral .177 Puncher Breaker Walnut (FREE RFD TRANSFER) Pre-charged Pneumatic Air Rifle (R/H) - S/H Private seller - Advertised for 29 days until 18/03/2020 for £299 . Kral .22 Puncher breaker ... FRAUD WARNING - Beware when making payments via Bank Transfer. Select options. This kit is not suitable for the puncher rifles with a big buddy bottle (Jumbo, Pitbull, Bigmax). While enlarging the transfer port at the barrel side as well as at the valve side is pretty clear , I have a difficulty of how enlarge the transfer port at the breach/action side. has anyone noticed the amount of people trying to sell the mk1's as mk2's on freeads ? Kral Arms recent offerings are not entry level at all. Price: £8.99; To order ... Service Gunsmithing facility, Hot Caustic Bluing service and spares, ammunition, reloading components, dealer transfer facility - all under one roof. Hi All, I have the Kral Puncher Breaker .25 bullpup and I was thinking of doing some mods ,mainly to enlarge its transfer port. KRAL ARMS PUNCHER BREAKER BULPUP CAMO MK2 ... KRAL ARMS PUNCHER BREAKER MARINE BULPUP – MK2 Kral Part RC49 – Pin £ 4.80. Pre-charged Pneumatic.177. Kral Puncher & Breaker Adaptor to Std Airgun Hose – FP2 £ 12.50. Kral Arms is one of Turkey’s leading manufacturers of hunting, shooting and sporting products. Kral Inlet Valve – Part AT34 £ 16.76. Featuring a tried and true magazine system that delivers reliable follow up shots just as fast as you can operate the smooth side lever action. Kral Magazine For Puncher / Puncher Breaker etc. Time Range This shows the historical advertised prices for similar guns on over the selected time period. Some would say Kral Arms produce good entry level air weapons, but I beg to differ. Kral airgun dealer in ellesmere port cheshire and merseyside services include sales, servicing and repairs. Kral’s first multi-caliber capable platform, gives the user the ability to change calibers quickly and easily. Pricing Information. 2 in stock. Out of stock. In stock. These payments are usually non-refundable and in the event of a dispute you will not be able to reclaim your money. but before anyone pipes up ' oh mine is pellet on pellet at 50 meters ' etc etc , yes , there will be a few good ones so give yourself a pat on the back and show off your marksman medal to some one who cares anyway. Showing all 5 results Kral Puncher NP02 PCP Air Rifle .177 .22 £ 380.00. Kral Puncher Bipod Stud - Stainless Steel. In stock. The “Knight” also features Kral’s standard transfer port … we all know the mk1 kral puncher breakers are rubbish , especially the .177 .