2011 Challenger R/T T/A . Our Virginia-based experts can help you find the best gear. JL Audio Fathom f110v2 10" Subwoofer Review "The JL f110v2 is a mighty mite of a sub, conceding little to its larger brothers. Car Audio Speakers, Subs, & Amps | KICKER® We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to … JL Audio is in the process of releasing the 880 8-inch tower speaker. It has an unusually large 1.2" soft dome tweeter. if not, move one. If you are battling inside your mind about Kicker 46CSC654 vs Kicker 43DSC6504, no more worries. I've actually got all Kicker speakers ready to be installed in my R/T now. I was amazed how loud the W7 was. I would first confirm of that is an authorized JL dealer. Mar 18, 2009 #13 1. KICKER produces high-performance car audio, vehicle specific solutions, marine audio, home and personal audio, and power sports products since 1973. Audio: (2) JL M10IB5 Subwoofer, (6) JL MX650 LED, (2) JL M770 Swimdeck Speakers, (4) Kicker PXA300.4 & (1) PXA500.1 Amplifiers Misc: Cobra Jet Steering Magnum AK w/ extra tie rod & MEGA Fangs Trailer: Stainless Steel Boat Buckles, Stoltz IND ULT-4 Bow Stop It’s going to depend more on which model (than on which brand) you’re comparing. I really like the packaging of the JL audio stealthbox though, but came away with the impression that it probably is a little weak in performance. I happen to like jl audio and think they are clear speakers with good midbass. running JL 300/2 amp. ... JL Audio CP108LG-W3V3 MicroSub Review The JL Audio CP108LG-W3V3 MicroSub system is a compact subwoofer with a compact enclosure that provides the […] Alpine SWR-T10 Review – UPDATED 2019. I do not want extremly loud bass, just something that hits tight, and hard. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. The JL is on the radar. X. We will solve all your confusion. Get FREE 2-day shipping and free lifetime tech support with your order. In this week’s second “battle” we will go pound for pound with the Alpine Type R and the JL Audio … Kicker vs. JL Audio; Results 1 to 15 of 15 Thread: ... just about everything added a 1000 watt Street Machine amp to power an Audiobahn 12 and the 640 powered my door speakers. Advertiser Disclosure. cbrei1023 Senior VIP Member. KICKER produces high-performance car audio, vehicle specific solutions, marine audio, home and personal audio, and power sports products since 1973. As a guest, you are welcome to poke around and view the majority of the content that we have to offer, but in order to post, search, contact members, and get full use out of the website you will need to Register for an Account . If your rocking an alpine head I'd run alpine type S or type R speakers and call it a day. Oct 25, 2018 at 11:41 PM #34. novelmike Senior Member. I am thinking I will need 3 new pairs of speakers to replace the factory ones, tower speakers, 1 or 2 subs and amps. Placing it up front in a stereo system, crossed over to the main speakers and, most crucially, matched to the room with D.A.R.O., it can extend and clarify the … JL … Go and listen to both, and consider your price range man, because they both can get expensive. JL and Kicker both make good subs, though I do very much like the 13W7s when paired with a JL 1000/1 for each W7. JBL speakers offer better audio than Kicker, according to customer reviews. The plug n play kicker speakers that are for sale online through mopar are the ds series, which are good but not comparable to the ks or the polk dxi or db series. their QC sucks and I had a lot of issues with bad speakers right out of the box before i went to JL in my DD. Get FREE 2-day shipping and free lifetime tech support with your order. CDT Audio has new 6.5" subwoofers available, plus 6.7" and 6.8" subwoofers. they were stupid loud! the other keys to comparing these subs are the boxes used for each sub, the type of car, the rest of the system design, and, as you noted, each … Comparing JL Audio JX250/1 and Kicker 12CX300.1? .which would be a better choice the hertz esk or the kickers ks series components..I am open to other suggestions budget is around $225 per set The Kicker CompVR subwoofer line is the most popular among all of the Kicker subwoofers. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. The lightly used 15' I picked up came with a completely upgraded stereo (speaker wise) and has the Kicker sub & dash speakers plus he put JL 6x9s in all of the door speakers too. 9 months ago Your atoto is not rated as does not do 49x4 View Entire Discussion (4 Comments) Sizes. the 6.5 woofer is bandpassed off the amp 90hz-(500-700hz) range and the dayton 3" and polk tweeter are ran off the polk passive crossover. I am now going to go with the kicker ks speakers in sound bar and dash with a powered amp hooked up to my stock head unit. However, they do offer some of their marine speakers with a proprietary OEM part number, which could be what that SBT-JL650-00-13 is. Comparing JL Audio C1-400x and Kicker 43DSC404? Bass is better than with factory installed speakers and the higher frequencies are clear and crisp. Never had an issue and had great quality with a hell of a loud sub! JL Audio W6. Product Comparison: JL Audio 13W7 vs Kicker 11S15L72. Kicker seems to … The JL Audio W6v3 features many of the same patented technologies as the W7 series, including a patented cooling structure that increases power handling and sound quality. Am i … Kicker VSS vs JL Audio Stealthbox. Focal 2. I am contemplating between buying (2) 12" Kicker Subwoofers in Custom Kicker Box or (2) 12" JL Audio W3V3's and putting them in a ported box that i already have. im running factory touch screen headunit, JL 5 channel amp, all of the high side channels to the front doors, polk audio 6.5 component set and the same dayton rs75-4 3" that slowcoma666 is running. 96 $119.95 $119.95 JL only makes one MX650 speaker, so if that add is correct, thats what it is, the MX650 with the charcoal sport grill. jl audio c3-650 speakers. Get this part right, and you are set for success in your quest for great audio. The Wetsounds is going to be louder in the same size of speaker. Car Audio, Home & Personal Audio | KICKER® We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to … It is a 24 ft boat with Clarion Stereo and 3 pairs of speakers. The Kicker CompVR has been around forever and is a benchmark for performance among car audio subwoofers. 12w6 rms is 200-600. kicker is 750 rms. The one area where JBL speakers are lacking is in the frequency band. On the Other hand, they are pretty expensive. Great speakers might not be the loudest sounding on the board, but they will make you much happier when you play them loud in your car. but what im wondering is how loud the JL is compared to kicker. Kicker VSS vs. JL Audio Stealthbox Discussion in 'Audio & Electronics' started by Saskwatch, Sep 25, 2018. Kicker 45KM44 Universal Weatherproof Coaxial 4 Inch 4-Ohm Audio Speakers with Charcoal and White Grilles, Pair 3.8 out of 5 stars 37 $107.96 $ 107 . 10+ year member. ES-06 6.7" Extended Mid-Bass Woofer $299.99 pair QES-680 6.8" Enhanced Long … Page 4 of 4 < Prev 1 2 ... My 2015 had factory speakers and the 4.1 amp, sounded amazing and staged perfectly. Kicker is more or less a dead brand only selling on their name. I have heard that JL's are top of the line and they are the best subs for SQ and SPL. The bass is certainly better than the stock Alpine but I wanted to know how inferior this Kicker was in comparison to the JL single 10" Stealth. and the rockford is like 1200 I have 3 12 L7s in a ported box wired to a kicker 2500.1..... My friend has ONE JL W7 wired to a JL 1000.1..... we decided to see whos was louder one day just from hearing them on random songs. Last week we discussed the differences between a Rockford Fosgate P3 subwoofer and a Kicker Solo-Baric L7, and focused on the features that set them apart from each other. JL Audio---4 M770 vs 2 M880 for tower Welcome to TheMalibuCrew! Our Virginia-based experts can help you find the best gear. jl is my vote . The Kicker CompR series comes in an 8", 10", 12" and 15" model. im doing a SQ build but just trying to get an idea on how loud the JL sub will be before i buy it. The JL Audio are voiced for maximum smoothness. Looking to have a great sounding system but don’t need to be heard a mile away. The JL Audio W6 series has long been a staple for virtually unbeatable bass performance in small, compact enclosures. i would like to change only the sub im considering the JL 12w6 the rockford t2 12 and the kicker l7 12. i have 500 watts to the sub channel on my amp which im keeping. Indeed, the 40CS654 is one of the few budget speakers for cars that deliver ultrasound quality as well. Posts: 725 Likes Received: 264 Joined: So finally, JBL Basspro SL Vs Kicker Hideaway. The Kicker CompVR series only comes in a 10" and 12" and 15" model. JL is by far better. Save Share. The Wetsounds are voiced more aggressively. past i had 2 kicker CVR's in kickers ported box. So in my opinion, it's just a matter of choice. I read all the threads about the audio upgrades and came away with the impression that the kicker single sub is definately adequate for listening to music. Speakers that stand out on a demo board are not always the best choice for in-car listening. You mentioned two Wetsounds 8-inch options. Eclipse cd8455 Tang Band w6, vifa tweets MB Quart DSC480 amp, kicker 350.4 Memphis pr10. jl audio 13tw5 sub. This was back in 2001 though lol. I have an 03 civic coupe with a full sound system looking to replace all the speakers with components in the doors and rears and install my rockford 3 sixty 3.. i want quality components that will still get decently loud. Dec 2, 2008 418 0 Shoey. Yes, the price range is lower than the 43DSC6504 also. and a set of rockford tweeters. It was just as loud as the 3 L7s.