As well as how dryads and fairies are involved. In Celtic mythology it is a symbol of youthfulness and rebirth. November 21, 2020 February 14, 2020 by Luna Moloney. The Ash Tree The ancient Irish believed the Ash tree had healing qualities and saw it as one of a trilogy of sacred trees, along with the Oak and the Hawthorn. 3) The Foliage: Spells using the Plant . It is also known as the Fairy Tree, as fairies live under the Hawthorn as its guardians, and so was treated with great respect and care. The blossoms are highly erotic to men. Also dedicated to the greek Goddess Persphone as a symbol of hope, and Celtic Goddesses Aine and Brigid with the Manx – Celtic God Manannàn Mac Leirr The excavation of pre-historic burial sites near to cave dwellings, has shown that hawthorn bunches were tied to the bodies of the dead although the purpose of this is unknown. Also known as the Fairy Tree, the Lonely Bush, and the Queen of May, the Hawthorn is an interesting tree in Celtic Mythology. The Hawthorn is a tree of magical enchantment and is strongly associated with Beltane, the ancient festival celebrating spring. How crataegus mongyna is used by the druidic faith for its juniper berries, branches of psychic protection and the Vikings usage as a rune wood. The specific hawthorn tree that I know (Crataegus cucculenta) is also known as the fleshy hawthorn, but in the mountains of southeast Kentucky where I grew up it was known as the thornapple tree. In the Celtic Tree Zodiac, the period from May 13th to June 9th is represented by Hawthorn—or huath as it was called in old Irish.In the most general sense, this time of year, also known as the Hawthorn moon, is associated with fertility—and also the rising of light, suggestive of male sexuality. Wands made of this wood are of great power. Wands made of this wood symbolize white magick and healing. Themes of people being waylaid by the fairy folk to places where time passes differently are common in Celtic mythology, and the hawthorn was one of, if not the, most likely tree to be inhabited or protected by the Gentry. This time of year the dose of sunlight rises each day toward the long fuse of Solstice. The Hawthorn Tree and the folklore surrounding this queen of the may or beltane. In Celtic mythology, Hawthorn was more than a fence; rather it was thought to mark the boundary between worlds…specifically the doorway between our realm and that of the fae. Hawthorn. Hawthorns were not to be messed with. Forked sticks are … In Celtic mythology it is one of the most sacred trees and symbolises love and protection. We have, sprinkled throughout our Irish myth and legend, many references to hawthorn or whitethorn and its connection with the fairy folk. Irish native Hawthorn ... Crataegus monogyna .. Sceach Gheal Our native fairy tree, the hawthorn is surprisingly also native to North Africa, as well as Western Asia and most of Europe. As previously stated, the Hawthorn makes up part of … Also known as May Tree and White Thorn. Hawthorn Trees in Celtic Mythology. Hazel. 2) The Trunk: Celtic Mythology and Significance. Hawthorn can be used for protection, love and marriage spells. The Roots: The sixth letter of the Ogham is Huathe, which is known as the Hawthorn within the Tree Ogham.