The various longcast features pioneered by Shimano and Daiwa are VERY effective in the hands of a skilled caster. by snoekjaeger » Tue Jan 02, 2007 4:32 pm, Post After World War II, a wealthy American sportsman named Bache Brown went to France, where he helped develop a small spinning reel that he named after himself and brought to the United States to market. C $45.62. Wish I still had it for old times sake. Both the Van Staal and the ZeeBaas are essentially waterproof Luxors. C $52.14. The the rest of us kids had to be content with whatever fish came close in the shallow waters near the dock. The RU actually had a stationary roller … that’s right, it didn’t roll. by snoekjaeger » Tue Jan 02, 2007 12:57 pm, Post I have fished many reels for striped bass from $30 to $250 before slowly up grading to VS reels. Great reel, fish it! Are these needed for fishing? Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2021 On The Water, LLC. Skeleton reels are among my favourite reels to look at. I would like to ask one more question. I really liked those kits. Hello Ralph, Nice historic writeup. This feature made it the reel of choice for wetsuit-wearing fishermen, who came on the scene at Montauk in the early 1960s. German made DAM 220 ,Zebco 80L, Ted williams 401 both from Japan, 1980s Daiwa , Shimano and Penn, also from Japan Item location: Canterbury, Australia. Pretty neat stuff. You missed one up and coming US manufacturer of spinning and fly reels. I’ll take my VS and VSB’s all day long. On these reels, the spool goes in and out once for each turn of the reel handle. Smeared a little grease here and there and it runs like a new one. The two adversaries became involved in endless court battles, and around 1980, production of the Crack ceased. I am trying to find info on model and date of this luxor fishing reel that I picked up at a yard sale for $2.00, any help would be appreciated. Get the best deals on Luxor Reel when you shop the largest online selection at It hung in the garage since 1980. The U. S. and foreign reels … A fishing reel is a device used for the sport of angling. $79.00. We all hated ”Big Mouth Charlie” with his new spinning reel. I still have my Penn 710Z Spinning Reel that I believe I purchased during the 70’s. It is a full-time feature, though several reel companies do allow the anti-reverse to be defeated on some of their models. The Luxor was easy to convert to manual pickup, and because of its simplicity, could be disassembled and lubed in ten minutes. S O K T p 0 6 o n A s 9 o r J e R U d H. Vintage LUXOR Pezon & Michel Spinning Reel Made in France. For gear construction, there is stainless steel, brass (an alloy of copper and zinc), bronze (an alloy of copper and tin), zinc, aluminum, and duraluminum (an alloy of copper and aluminum). Are they original? popular. Although only three companies in the U.S., Penn, ZeeBaas, and Accurate, assemble or make reels in America, I should be fair in saying that China, Japan, and other Asian countries do a fine job of turning out quality products. But I use exclusively Penn Z 706 circa 1980’s. You should include a piece that shows how much the old reels used to cost vs. how much VS reels are and how everyone thinks they need a $700+ reel to land quality fish. I think the best quality of my 706 is the fact that I can field strip them, clean them out, grease them back up and be back in the surf in less than 15 minutes. Just like my Lionels, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Mays etc BB cards. $78.00. The mechanics of both reels are very similar, but I freely admit that these submersible reels are superbly constructed. Post by Lillawill » Thu Jan 04, 2007 11:29 pm, Post I recently had to part with my Penn SS5500 V because I could no longer get parts. More specifically… brand, length, and number of pieces? by snoekjaeger » Thu Jan 04, 2007 9:16 pm, Post Pricing & History. This Airex Bache Brown Spinster was one of the earliest spinning reels available. Great article! LOL, but for the life of me. I've sold all of them and averaged about $75.00 each. 1947. It all started in 1921, with a man named Shozoburo Shimano. Fishing reel is a device that is a part of a fishing rod. Everything about this black-and-white photograph is vintage 1950s. Fishing with fixed spool reels became very popular in England and Europe, but it took Bache Brown and his Luxor Mastereel to bring the method to the American fisherman during the late 1930s and after World War II. Thanks Jean-Paul, I am on my way to EBay. One manufacturer offers a $90 reel that has ten ball bearings. Another great reel that’s lasted the test of time. 3 SB reel, both brand new in the box with papers. AFTERMARKET PRODUCTS FOR PENN REELS Before Carl began to produce reels, he made aftermarket products for Penn reels. I am sure that those were great reels . We all used long bamboo poles and various shaped floats. Those were great days and now the toys are more expensive but the joy of fishing still remains in our hearts as we fish through the next month before calling the end to the season. Even better memories. They include multiple Mitchells from ultra light, several 300’s and 306 & 302 saltwater reels. The NAME Luxor was owned by Pezon et Michel. In the 60s and 70s, the Luxor was the top choice among serious surfcasters on Long Island and in Rhode Island, but trouble was brewing in France with Pezon et Michel, the distributor of the Luxor. My first fishing reel was a Luxor spinning reel. Great read! by m3040c » Tue Jan 02, 2007 8:44 pm, Post Not the best NJ surf reel because it’s fast but even so my collection now includes 4 650s 2 850s 2 750s 2 5500s and I think 2 or 3 in the 400 series. I recently sold such a spool. After the war spinning reel importation and production in the US increased rapidly, and spinning became one of the most popular techniques used by American fishermen. The question I have is about the holes in the spool and spool housing. This reel used a worm gear drive the company probably copied from the German Quick. I think it was a 302 ? Thanks in advance for your help! by m3040c » Tue Jan 02, 2007 1:47 pm, Post Skip to main content. Accurate Grinding is a family-owned operation, established in 1950, when Michael DeMarco developed specialized techniques to manufacture jet turbine engine components at a time when precision aerospace manufacturing was just beginning … To me the difference (for this argument let’s say $550+ vs $250-) Is less maintenance and complete dependability. Great article. A West Texas watchmaker named R.D. Mostly no in America but the efficacy in the art of ling casting is undeniable. I’d love to know the history as it is a wonderfully built reel. Especially French ones, so here's some questions about this big guy in hopes of some experts or almost experts can come to my aid. Just way too good for a dumpster. I plan on fishing with it. Fishing for History reader Brian O'Connor recently emailed me after coming across an article I had written about Larry Koller.Koller, for those who don't recall, was a legendary outdoor writer who also worked in the advertising industry, and was a top notch photographer. I, too, really enjoyed the article which I stumble across while trying to find info about my first spinning reel, a Pfleuger that had a pickup but no bail. This feature made it the reel of choice for wetsuit-wearing fishermen, who came on the scene at Montauk in the early 1960s. try doing that with VS and Zeebaas. For parts only. A cam, sometimes called an eccentric, is a mechanical linkage to transfer rotating motion to linear motion; in other words, what makes the spool of the reel reciprocate. Founded in 1881 in Akron, Ohio, E. F. Pflueger’s Enterprise Manufacturing Company was not the first company to manufacture a fishing reel—that honor goes to the Meek Brothers, whose Kentucky reels predate 1840. 54 years old and I still surf Florida’s Atlantic coast. Recently, I opened a Daiwa and realized you have to go to special school, need special tools and special lubricants.. Gee, not like the old days ! Very old reel so not sure if they morphed into another company or not. We take reels for granted nowadays, but they have only become a standard feature in angler's kit relatively recently - and even now, their use isn't entirely universal, as any roach pole fisherman will tell you. Carl's main business has never been in fishing products. Some reels have metal for the gear housing and graphite for the rotor. My first true surf reel was a Mitchell. The Centaure and the RU faded in popularity in the 60s, probably due to their half bail features that most anglers did not like. This brief article will give you some insight into the history of fishing reels and where they are at now. I am still using the Crack 3000 I got as a gift in 1983. However, although ball bearings are relatively cheap, they do come in various qualities. The holes in the spool are factory. I forgot to mention the versions with manual pick-up were referred as Surfcasting models. Take a nap as you just troll then fight a fish for 36 hours 300 yard out . Cast after cast he would catch a fish and yell; ”I got another one”, like we should all be happy for him. As a boy of 13 or so in Seattle 1953-55 I spent precious $ on a couple of really terrible Japanese rod/reel sets that broke my heart. My father had a large green metal late 60tys vintage Cardinal mounted on a custom 8ft glass surf rod that hung on the garage ceiling. in that condition maybe worth $50. I am still using all of my AMERICAN made PENN spinning reels from SS4500 to SS8500 including a 706 (black body). I still use it today and it works great. Used it exactly one week on a family vacation that year. It stuck in my mind because I’d never seen a skirted spool reel before. Don’t be too impressed by the number of ball bearings on a reel. All serious carp fishers in Europe use these reels to cast in the 150-200 meter as well as tournament casters who are casting in the 240+,(800 foot), range. See more ideas about vintage fishing reels, fishing reels, vintage fishing. I am in the process of having a very vintage 10 ft surf rod restored to it’s former glory. I have owned 1 Zeebaas and 2 Van Stall reels and the old Penn Z series work just as good, they may not be as fast or as smooth, but they do the job very well. I still use 5 Penn Z series except 1 Shimano Stradic HKFG. First the history, (early) LUXOR reels were all designed by Paul Mauborgne. How about “On The Water” South version?? New In . I loved those reels, and loved just turning the crank on them. I have quite a few vintage spinning reels that I still use. by snoekjaeger » Tue Jan 02, 2007 2:04 pm, Post When i opened it, it looked quite a bit like the innards of the Penn 704-706 reels. I did find an advertisement for the trigmatic in a 1973 fishing facts magazine that said it was a brand new reel just out. All the rest of the reels either have a crosswind gear cam driven by the main drive gear or an oscillation worm gear for the spool reciprocation. Contained in these pages you will find information to help you identify your reel, assess the condition and age of your reel, and also determine what your reel is worth. All are in perfect condition, work well and require very little maintenance. Dont remember much about it. You can read about these in The Transatlantic Connection. I would have like to see you mention my name and the novelties that were adopted from my reels! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Great article. The latter is used when the reel maker wants a very slow spool motion for what is called a long cast reel marketed by Shimano, Daiwa, and Penn. I just purchased one and can’t find anything on line about it or the brandie company. thx in advance ! The story happened in the late years of the Shang dynasty. Never all that popular in the UK, Allcock's offered one in their 1930's range and Millward's even copied an early Meisselbach design. They are a credit Smaller reel (rarely mentioned) that has caught more then its share of Fluke, Flounder, Bluefish and many other inshore species over the years. They’ve given me years of trouble free service ensured by annual maintenance. They were in perfect condition when sold and will last many more years. He never had much money (I inherited that skill) but would barter for stuff, including fishing tackle, even an old 18-foot cedar strip boat that required much work and which we fiberglassed ourselves. Find great deals on eBay for luxor fishing reel. History and Evolution Big Game Fishing’s Golden Years by Ed Pritchard Prior to 1880, it was believed that catching a fish weighing over 100 pounds was an impossible task and, to a large degree, that belief was due to a lack of faith in the fishing tackle that was being manufactured at the time. I bought my first 650ss for $35 in 1986 used cause it was “too heavy”. At this time, Shimano started to manufacture bicycle parts, such as single free-wheels. Pardon my OCD, but do you have any further details on the rod that Joe Carrie is holding? Buy It Now +C $26.07 shipping. LuXors were originally brought into the US by GIs after WWII. ORCA Online Forum - Feel free to talk or ask about ALL kinds of old tackle here, with an emphasis on old reels! I am impressed Jean-Paul. No mention of the ABU Cardinal reels imported from Sweden by Zebco. Of all these reels, the Luxor and the Penn were the most popular, primarily due to their strength and reliability. 1932. Your email address will not be published. Vintageclassic Pezon . So, there you have it–a product’s evolution over 80 years that has seen it almost solely made in Europe, with a few U.S. makers, and then becoming an Asian business (primarily China). I, Hi Ralph,, You do not need $700+ reel to land quality fish. Great article Lots of good and not so good Spinning reels over the yrs. The LuXor 3's are the biggest & technically similar to the CrAck 300's & are the forerunners of the Van Staal spinning reels.The "B" stopped being made 1959 & a "C" version was made for 1960 to 1967 and there was smaller 200 version. Port Washington NY. It’s a Model 510 Carboly – St. Croix, One Piece Rod or undetermined vintage. His company was purchased in 1947 by the toymaker Lionel and named Airex. I had three Crack 300's and one Luxor. Mounted on a 2 pc 9′ Garcia fiberrodglass. No other reel in the history of fishing can come close to matching that longevity. Luxor Temple, seen from the east bank of the Nile. A Centaure or a Ru Mer which I lost when I overturned a rowboat, and so on. Great article Thank you, I grew up Surf fishing on the west coast of California. I don’t normally use new reels as all of my vintages reels gives me what I want Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. 18-apr-2017 - Vintage Luxor-mer Pezon et Michel Fishing Reel by TreasureByDemand A fishing reel is a cylindrical device attached to a fishing rod used in winding and stowing line.. Modern fishing reels usually have fittings aiding in casting for distance and accuracy, as well as retrieving line. Fixed-spool or spinning reels were first invented and used in Europe in the 1930s. Not made in cheena. Up for auction. I took it down and it was frozen. I was wondering how much each of these would be worth separately? Article is great. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate it. In more scientific terms, a fishing reel “deploys and retrieves fishing line by using a spool mounted on an axle”. Like I said I still use it, it’s my go to reel for heavy freshwater fishing now that I don’t live near the ocean anymore. Mr. Roastbeef, Many reel makers use a graphite or synthetic material, while others use aluminum. With the exceptions of the Penn 704 and 706, which have a worm gear drive, almost all the rest have spiral bevel gearing. I can at least work in the Z series, the Shimano has to be sent off to be repaired. I have fished them hard and maintained them for years and they have never failed me. Whether or not the elongated, slowly reciprocating spool results in a longer cast is debatable. Thank you PENN for so many years of good service reels!!!! Ended: 24 Oct, 2020 15:11:54 AEDST. Seigler reels are also made in ‘murica! I also have a very large Heddon saltwater spinning reel of 70’s vintage, it’s made in Japan. The Zero Hour Bomb Company, maker of electric time bombs for oil drilling, is incorporated in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I thought the fisherman in the picture was wearing golf shoes when I saw those spikes. Mitchell and Delfino did compete, but both reels had reliability issues. It was bought in Calef’s store in Barrington, NH.