Dì quello che vuoi , ma mia madre ha vinto alla lotteria sposando quell'uomo. multifandom. Even though he hasn’t made any progress with forgetting his stupid crush,Yoongi is certain his utter stubbornness will triumph over his dumb, dumb feelings. 200. ALSO READ: Jin REVEALS how artists approached BTS and spoke about ARMY's passionate love for them at Grammys 2020 Do you think BTS … Boy In Luv -japanese ver- es la primera canción del segundo single japonés de BTS, además de ser la canción título del mismo. 200. I want to see you I want to love you I want to tell you these feelings Even if you look away Even if you ignore me I can't let you go no matter what. 1 singers! Don’t you like Taehyung? “So? At night, after detention, Yoongi cites unfinished homework and impending tests to get out of texting or hanging out with Hoseok. Which Member Of BTS Are You Most Like? Musica. Was I too obvious? texas Say what you want live in paris - Duration: 7:01. And for fuck’s sake, stop calling me at four am.”. Kim Namjoon, Your smile and your advice are the reason I am okay today, you taught me to stick my chin up and face my obstacles. Fans are not idiots … Share this article. I don’t get it..." added another fan. What is it that you really want? Well, fuck. Work Search: So I asked them: “If I want to get into the proper BTS headspace, what color should I be bathed in?” The answer was unanimous, and I called it, and you probably did, too: purple. To his utter surprise, Hoseok hadn’t started dating when they got into high school. Yoongi processes the information silently with wide eyes. Anyways, My accuracy isn't amazing but I tried. What do you do? To be honest, Yoongi should have seen this a long time coming. Say what you want about the fans but the group themselves are some of the least problematic people on this earth. Thanks, hyung. I want to be your love 84. Probably Park Jimin from the dance club. I am very very new to BTS (I mean of course I had heard them many times but I had not been much interested). Namjoon and Seokjin were enthusiastic with a new member in their group, but Yoongi? I’ll see you later then, hyung.”. “Nothing happened.”, Yoongi sighs internally. Comment Please. I’m not sure how he feels though, I’m nervous.”, Yoongi can feel the waves churning in his gut like a tornado, but he still fakes a smile, “don’t worry, Hoseok. Jungkook: Jungkook would be so flattered that you found a way to be close to him. Yoongi slams the locker shut and flashes a quick grin (that ends up looking more like a grimace), “see you.” He’ll just have to hide behind the gym and eat his lunch with the weird artsy freshman who practically lives there. I'll be in my room, getting ready.. You say what you want Ask me what you want Lets fulfill that sexy fantasy girl.. Bridge: [NAMJOON] Call me oppa, Namjoon oppa.. [SUGA] You got swaeg girl, you can have Suga. Say what you want about BTS, but they know how to put on a show. I even found their performance of Anpanman at MAMA amazing and it was just them goofing off. “To think that the two of you could’ve been like this since freshman year if you’d dug your heads out of your asses,” Taehyung snickers, dodging the candy Hoseok chucks at him. I’ve been avoiding you because Muttering curses under his breath, he fumbles to grab at his phone, dragging his thumb across the screen. “Hey, when do you plan on confessing to your crush?”, “Hmm? RM/Kim Namjoon . “Why are you in detention?”, “Well,” Hoseok starts, “I swore in front of Mrs. Park, and she was not in a good mood.”, “You know she can be uptight, why would you do that you dumb fuck?”, “Well, to be honest? The next morning, Yoongi shows up late to homeroom, drawling out his insincere apology and receiving a detention slip from the teacher. “What’s got you looking so tired?”, “Don’t I always look tired?” Yoongi snarks. “Really, though? I know he has a crush on someone,” Seokjin answers, eyes flickering up from his notes to meet Yoongi’s. Anyway, I’m sure he’s already confessed and gotten together with his crush. Even though he hasn’t made any progress with forgetting his stupid crush,Yoongi is certain his utter stubbornness will triumph over his dumb, dumb feelings. Just fucking say it to their face, I guess.”, “Yes, that’s it. 1.Bangtan Sonyeondan. “I’m going to go handle some errands quickly,” the teacher announces, rubbing his forehead as he gets up, “no funny business while I’m gone.” They both nod. Say what you want Say what you want niga jinjja-ro won haneun ge-mwoya. Oh my my my oh my my my_____ you got me high so fast. What the exact fuck is so important that you have to call me right now?”, “Yoongi hyung, please help me,” Hoseok’s voice blares from the phone, “I’m having a crisis.”, “What, Hoseok? Oh, but it could also be Kim Taehyung. ? I’m not. Anyways, My accuracy isn't amazing but I tried. The moment the teacher steps out, Hoseok turns around to face Yoongi, fiddling with his fingers nervously, “hey.”, “Hey,” even though Yoongi has been the one avoiding Hoseok, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t missed his best friend. Discover (and save!) Abort mission I’m so sorry, hyung, I swear.”, Yoongi lifts his head in confusion, “wait, what?”. If you’ve just recently become a BTS fan and you’re itching to know more about this popular South Korean boy group, you’ve come to the right place! ... You're allowed to say one short thing to your selected member. Jan 11, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by pick'n'name. You weren’t supposed to find out, at least until I confessed. I’m dreading it. BTS-boy in luv. I really didn’t know it was that late,” Hoseok whisper-shouts apologetically. Enjoy and comment. #SNL - Women Sing "Say What You Wanna Say" In "Brave" by Argueta The women of "SNL" — Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Lisa Jones, Sasheer Zamata, Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant and guest host Dakota Johnson — sang about telling people what they really want to say in a spoof of the song "Brave" by Sara Bareilles on this weekend's "Saturday Night Live." Just don’t do it again,” Yoongi whispers back. Hoseok’s (perfect) mouth settles into an understanding “o”. Because Namjoon hyung swears he hasn’t told anybody. Nov 29, 2015. by heytoto. So we want to really, say namaste, to really be there and just give our voices in person," BTS told NDTV. And when you hung up I thought, well he’s just tired right? “Jin, I can’t snowboard at all. BTS cried “say what you want, say what you want!” I cried “I WANT YOU” Queen Dina — BTS cried “say what you want, say what you want!”... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. I want to be your oppa. It’s,” he squints at the digital clock beside him, “fucking four am in the morning. I’ll see you.”. 200. Who nickname is named after a ice cream ball. Yoongi nearly starts screaming in frustration when Hoseok manages to catch up to him as he leaves the classroom after school. In an interview several years ago, they were asked to describe each other. Don’t you like Taehyung? Before BTS took over the world, they were just seven boys trying to make it through the nitty-gritty competition of South Korea’s brutal music industry, one Mnet stage at a time. and Which BTS song from the Album 'Wings' does your personality fit with? On the slight off chance they reject you, I’ll fucking beat their ass up, you hear?”, The corners of Hoseok’s eyes crinkle, “yeah. Here are 10 things new BTS fans need to know. just called to ask him about confessing to another person. If you listen to BTS music, you can say what you want to say in BTS lyrics. “I’ve never gone so long without talking to you properly.”, “I— I’m sorry, Hoseok. “Fuck no, I’m not fucking with you,” Yoongi reaches forward and interlaces their fingers together. “Finally,” Namjoon groans, “the two of you stopped acting dumb enough to actually talk to one another.”, “Shut up, Namjoon,” Yoongi says — or at least tries to say as Hoseok stuffs a sweet into his mouth (“here Yoongi, try this. I, uh, havekindabeeninlovewithyousincesixthgrade.”. Say what you want about kpop but bts was the only thing to bring me out of a week long depression when my friends couldn’t so… When people hear BTS, they might automatically assume it … “Really?” Hoseok looks starry-eyed now, mouth agape, “you’re not fucking with me?”. let's make a friend, I don't bite lol~, k-pop ( B1A4, Teen top, shinee, snsd, after school, hyuna, girl’s day, btob, bts,). Positive thoughts. “Well, good luck, Hoseok. multifandom. “Look, hyung. To make things worse, Yoongi has been harbouring a completely unrequited crush on his best friend for the past three years. Hold me tight before I kiss you. Um, uh, hopefully today, I guess. your own Pins on Pinterest With a silent gulp, Yoongi walks into the room and sits in the seat behind Hoseok. Jan 11, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by pick'n'name. A sharp tap on his shoulder interrupts Yoongi’s thinking, and he turns around. The three of them sit in awkward silence for a while, the teacher impatiently tapping his fingers on the desk as he marks his students’ homework. BTS' Suga is known as one of the quieter members of the K-pop group, but what fans know is that he's an especially wise person with a lot of great and comforting advice. 200. Not that you’ll need it. Yoongi can hear the warning sirens blaring in his head at this point. They tell each other their deepest secrets and know each other inside out. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The things he does for Hoseok, really. “Good. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits, “If you don’t mind me asking, why are you eating lunch here all the time now?”, Yoongi blinks dumbly at Jungkook, hesitating, “I— uh. They’ve gained a massively huge fandom thanks to their ability to write both meaningful and relatable songs. I’m even clumsier than Namjoon. What the fuck? Honestly, not so much. “Hey hyung, where are you going? His crush on Hoseok is a dead end anyway, and Hoseok dating another person would make it easier to get over him. Ama dasin mideul su eopseul. So say what you will nigga, you can talk it, or blog it Like diarrhea to toilet stools, I ain't comin off it - naw!